In times not long past, people wrote letters on a daily basis, often with extremely heartfelt meanings.

And yet in this fast-paced era of phones, emails and text messages, and as people spend more and more time on their digital devices, the world has been robbed of its romanticism and simple courtesy, and letter writing has become a dying art — many even go so far as to pronounce it lost.

This cherished form of communication has all but disappeared, along with the way people expressed themselves.

Handwritten letters harken back to a long-lost age and to receive one in today’s world is rare. Much like opening a gift-wrapped hug, a letter is everlasting, and it will go on giving out hugs each and every time it is read.

When a letter is written by hand, it makes it that much more special and personal. A handwritten letter has the power to evoke nostalgia and echo one’s true thoughts and sentiments in a way that just can’t be replicated through modern, impersonal communications. Emotional phrases like “I love you” or “I’m sorry” are more genuine and sincere, while the handwriting itself offers aesthetic charm.

Although receiving a commercially produced card is pleasant, there seems to be in us the innate desire to receive real letters. A letter from a friend or loved one is as delightful as any gift and has a way of lifting spirits, brightening the day. And a letter from a stranger? Just as good.

There's magic in words and a letter can be life-changing.

Letters can help broach challenging or sensitive topics. They can help to mend damaged relationships. Letters help bring us closer together.

By taking the time to slow down and compose a letter, one is better able to express their feelings, without getting caught up or muddled when trying to speak those same feelings.

A letter is often preferable to face-to-face contact, as it allows one to take a step back to examine one’s sentiments — something that is often difficult to do when in the presence of the intended recipient. All too often we can’t find the words or we’re afraid of saying the wrong thing, only to find ourselves in the same situation later because we didn’t say what we needed to. Or, worse, never to touch on the subject again.

Perhaps letters remind us of the seemingly uncomplicated world of old, where they were a necessity, since they were the only form of long-distance communication available. Perhaps we simply seek the deliberate habits in place of the careless spontaneity of our modern world.

The illustrious love letter often takes precedent in peoples’ mind when they think of letters, however letters can take any form for any kind of recipient.

Perhaps you’d like to congratulate a brother or sister on getting engaged, or send condolences to a friend who’s lost someone. Perhaps there’s a mentor or teacher whom you’d like to thank, a special occasion to commemorate, or maybe you’d just like to do something out of the ordinary for a parent by putting into words your love for them.

Letters needn’t be restricted to dramatic events. The little, seemingly inconsequential details are often treasured delights.

Whatever the reason for your letter, know that sending a letter will leave a lasting impression — no matter the circumstance.

We tend to go through life with an instinctive assumption that the people around us know what we're thinking.

Unfortunately, this is seldom the case.

People need and want to be reminded of how we feel about them, and there’s no better way of doing this than by doing something special. Even the people closest to us — those who live with us — will benefit from receiving a letter from you. There’s nothing more wondrous than knowing someone sat down and dedicated time to write something just for them.

Did you know that giving and performing small acts of kindness actually boosts your happiness? Doing these things regularly makes you feel more satisfied with life, the universe and everything.

What’s more, when you do something kind for someone, it inspires them to make others feel good, starting a chain reaction. This is known as upstream reciprocity.

Why not take the first step now? Remember, you and the recipient get to feel those warm, fuzzy feelings.

Finding the right words isn't always easy.

We all know someone to whom we’re grateful, someone with something we long to tell them. Maybe someone in your life just needs a little extra appreciation.

Writing letters is a rewarding pastime for everyone involved, but without the practice of putting pen to paper, as was habit for those in olden days, it is difficult to form meaningful sentences, let alone convey your message.

This is where The Letterie comes in.

The letters offered at The Letterie are a premium service. Your words are not simply copied down onto the paper — they are worked into their very best form, moulded to perfection and leant a gentle pastiche of times past.

These words are then transcribed onto fine paper. No robots. No handwriting fonts. Just beautiful inked, handwritten script.

When drafting your letter, it should reflect both your personality and your thoughts. Remember that letters are personal. The tone of your letter should sound like a real conversation, as though one might have transcribed a conversation you had. It might be witty or poetic; whatever comes naturally, but don’t forget to write from your heart.

Give yourself time to both gather your thoughts and put your feelings into words. You might find it easier to write down thoughts as they come to you before going back to shape those thoughts into something tangible.

Remember to be clear in the purpose of your letter, as with no obvious direction, it is very hard to work with your message. The clearer you are, the better the end result.

Since a letter can bring so much happiness to the receiver, it is unlikely yours will ever be destroyed. Bear this in mind when drafting your letter, as, in principal, the letter you write now may be brought forth and given to the world. After all, letters, real letters, have real impact and can be stored more reliably than something like an email, which can all too easily be lost.

The Nitty-Gritty

In keeping with some of the many traditions and customs that accompany letters, only white or ivory paper is used and ink is black. An exception to this rule can be made should you wish to have a letter with instant antique appeal, where cream paper and walnut ink is used.

Using only the finest paper from Gmund, Germany, it is a premium 120gsm/32 lb. weight, with an elegant, tactile surface.

Love letters are offered, however nothing steamy or erotic will be taken on. Keep it innocent.

Should content be deemed inappropriate, The Letterie reserves the right to reject your order, less a 10% service fee.

With both A4 and A5 papers available, there’s a size for every situation.
A4 pages will hold up to 225 words, where A5 will comfortably fit 125 words. Need more room? Add pages. There’s nothing better than having a pile of pages in your hands.

Letters can be posted directly to the recipient for a surprise in the mail or to you to be hand delivered (or even left in a secret location). Should you wish to delay sending until a specified date, simply enter the date when placing your order. Bear in mind, however, shipping time can take up to a week or more after the letter is posted.

Should you be in mourning, hand painted mourning paper can be used. The paper, either white or ivory, is edged with thick black borders and black ink is used.

Don’t want to restrict yourself? Custom orders can be arranged with your choice of materials.

Just get in touch.

Want to take it up a notch? Why not add flowers?

Giving flowers is a timeless tradition with the historical purpose of sending a coded message using the Language of Flowers.

Free worldwide shipping on every order means you never have to pay a single extra cent to have your letter delivered, with optional express shipping at an additional cost!